Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October-- back to square one

It's now October 2012. A year ago, I was starting at Oxford. Today, it is all finished; dissertation was handed in and accepted, exams were passed, classes were finished. As of this week, I can add these three letters to my name (MSc). Granted it was not an easy year (e.g. bureaucracy, double-standards, opinions and points of view, cultural misunderstandings, etc.) but it's over and boy, am I glad.

An experience-- good or bad-- is worthy if you can extract a lesson from it and that's it exactly what I've done.

So now, on to a new lesson-- a real life one that goes beyond academics and instead affects real life.

2 years ago while traveling around the world, I met the Don Bosco Sisters in northeastern India (see blog post here). Particularly impressive was Sister Helen. A tiny woman who packs a big punch. Her current mission: set up the first community college in Meghalaya, northeast India. And there's big news to report: the school's foundation has just been laid! But that is not enough. The new classrooms have yet to be built and the current ones are completely overcrowded and lacking in basic resources.

Many people have been quick to congratulate me on my degree and my year. But like any accomplishment, none of it was done on my own. If you wish to help me celebrate all this good news all around, please contribute what you can to the Don Bosco Sisters' Community College in Meghalaya. Think of what we would spend if we had a drink together or if we went out to lunch together; contribute that and it'll go much further than you can imagine.

Thanks for all your help, whether it be financial, academic, or frienship.

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