Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How is it June already?!

June-- always an exciting month. Many moons ago, it signaled summer and consequently, the end of school and the beginning of 2 solid months of vacation. June was synonymous with sun, beach, and late night BBQs. June was epic.

Fast forward to the present. Welcome to June. It's been refashioned by 'adult' stuff. (sigh)

But before we get there, 4 days of partying. Why, good sir, you ask? Because of HRM, QE. huh? Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth's 60th Jubilee!! Dang! 60 years that woman's fluttering fingertip wave has made her humble servants giddy with joy while making other heads of state think, gosh, not even her hair ages, she's that good. Yup. The woman is hardly impressed. If she's anything like her mother, she'll still be around for another 2 decades. Here you were impressed by FLOTUS' biceps; reconsider Lizzy (yes, we're on a first name basis) having dinner with Winston Churchill!

A memorable quote from the 4-day events: "Your Majesty, Your Majesty-- Mummy" spoken by Prince Charles of Wales.

She may be your mum, Charlie, but what a life! She was born into this spotlight, took the reins at 26, and hasn't looked back since. Her face has adorned stamps, posters, china, flags, costumes, currency. Her name is instantly recognizable. Thousands of people dream of having tea with her yet only a very selected few have ever stepped into her home and even fewer  have actually spoken with her. In an age of fierce independence and rebellion, instantaneous social media, scandals and misbehaviour, she remains a figure of poise, tradition, sophistication, and bling while ushering this antique idea of a royal family into a post-Y2k world. Hip-hip-hooray, well done, Lizzy!

So, June, what else? Dissertation writing is happening whether I like it or not, the weather's back to rain (ha!) and next weekend brings the first triathlon of the season at Blenheim Palace.
My friend, Petrina had always wanted to do a triathlon but had until now, never entertained the idea seriously. This is where I enter the story. Back in November cycling home (more like zigzagging through the bike lane) after too many drinks at the Soviet Santa bop, we sealed the deal: we'd compete in a triathlon before the academic year was over.

We've been training for several months now...

and this is where we'll be racing.

And we've been inspired by our friend, Stan (below). :)

For the bike...

And for the swim...

Actually, all in all, this June may not be so bad. :)

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  1. Good luck Cindy & Petrina for the Blenheim Triathlon tomorrow. We will be thinking about you. We know you will perform a fantastic time. Remember, we want to see some great pictures. Go Cindy!Go Petrina! XXXXX MJ