Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rain x 3weeks

Rain. Water. H2O. Agua. Tears from the sky. Drizzle. Pour. Showers. Storms. Sideways onslaught. Rain-rain-rain-rain. The bottom line is it's been raining for over 3 weeks now. 3 weeks+!!!! But wait, it gets better: this isle nation is in a drought! The winter and April were abnormally dry and despite all the rain, the country has not yet erased its drought status.

April-- what a month, not even worth talking about.

Now, May, we can get somewhere. The 1st of May is a big, albeit, unusual Oxford event dating over 500 years (maybe?). May Morning as it's called traditionally begins around 5am when students awake from their slumber and make their way to Magdalen Bridge (pronounced mawd-lyn bridge) shortly before 6am (but many have just make it into an all-night event). Why 6am? Because following the ringing of the bells at 6am, the Magdalen choir sings from the top of the tower welcoming this, the first day of spring. The video belows gives you a glimpse of 2008's May Day. No sun this year, only rain. 

The sides of bridge have been sealed off over the last couple of years as students would try to jump into the river below. It's not very high but because often misjudged the water's shallowness, injuries were quite common. As a result, the bridge is usually barricaded on this special day.

So after the 6am bells and singing, then what? Well, you make your way down High Street and towards Radcliffe Camera where Morris Dancers entertain you (see below).

And then?

More dancing and music.

And then?

A proper English breakfast. You've earned it.

And then?

A normal, exhausting day. :)

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