Saturday, December 10, 2011

The End of Michaelmas Term

Friday meant the due date for a major assignment. The formatting/ submission process was more complicated than submitting a deposition to the Supreme Court. Word count, check; format, check; envelopes, check; staples, check; before noon, check; receipt received, check.

Naturally, a celebratory night was in order.

Today brought sun and wind, and hence, cycling on the backroads of Oxfordshire.

Frost, road kill, muddy roads, and my new favorite sign:

To recap, here are the things I learned over this semester:

I learned to ride my racing bike in a dress and at all hours.

I learned to add Us and Ss to more words than Sesame Street ever led me to believe. Examples: flavour, globalisation, behaviour, critise, marginalise.

I really saw first-hand the whole Europe vs. England relation, with most recently, Cameron getting a cold shoulder from the rest of the EU. Ouch! That could have long lasting consequences (either way the Euro does), Cameron, you chap!

I learned about marmalade, high tea and pudding. Aside from ice cream and fruits, almost every dessert can be called pudding. But what if pudding is the pudding (ie. dessert)? It's still called pudding-- not at all redundant (uhum).

I learned a lot about the Anglican Church, the number of ways potatoes can be eaten, and the United Kingdom as a whole.

I learned to fight the system for every pound.

I learned yet a new citation system. Sorry, APA and MLA, the Harvard style dictates my writing now. :/

I learned that appropriate daily attire required waterproof, wind-resistant, and dark colors to hide puddle and bike stains. And on weekends, I learned that 'smart dress' just meant to dress up.

I learned all about the OECD, the WHO, the UN, PISA tests, NGOs, global government initiatives, knowledge economies, and youth unemployment. But I didn't learn all there is to know because there are still 2 semesters to go.

To next semester!

“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carol

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